Car salesman, 23, is struck by a stolen vehicle and clings to the hood for more than HALF A MILE as thief speeds off in BMW M4

Shocking video captured the moment a car salesman was struck by a stolen vehicle and clung to the hood as a thief sped away from a dealership in Canada.

The terrifying ordeal unfolded at the Sport Motors Auto Sales lot in London, Ontario, on March 3 after two men asked 23-year-old salesman Moe Al-Kaissy to show them a used BMW.

And to think, it's usually the salesperson taking US for a ride!

The question WE have is would DARRINGER react the SAME way to save one of his cars?

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MUST SEE VIDEO! You WON'T Believe THIS! If THIS Doesn't Win Him Car Salesman Of The Year, NOTHING WILL!

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