It seems like the entire buzz in cars has condensed down to less than ten different vehicles, either pickups, SUV's or TESLA'S.

But over the years we were all treated to hoards of models that seemed to have no business thought put into them and no real reason to exist.

But it was a BLAST to follow many of them. Made for some great conversations over a beverage or two (don't drink and drive).

Well this site has put together a list of 30 SUV bombs over the years and I know you're going to love going through it all and sharing some gem comments. And some of your choices that may be missing from the list.

Here's just one taste of one of the choices before you click the link to see the full list of their opinions and choices.


Mercedes EQC

"If you don’t know about this car, it is because you haven’t seen it on the road yet. The chances are high that you probably never will. This is the latest electric SUV from Mercedes and an immediate sales flop."

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THIRTY OF The BIGGEST SUV Flops Over The Years. OH, Such MEMORIES! You'll Love Scrolling Through This One!

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