Parading around Southern California one thing you'll notice lately if you're into cars. There are A LOT of new Land Rover Defenders on the streets.


Even my next door neighbor's wife bought one.

And I know another friend who bought TWO.

All good for Land Rover right? Maybe on the surface but there are two key questions the major auto media don't want to ASK or PUBLISH.

And why should they. And ad dollars in the pandemic are oxygen for many of these failing outlets.

So WE'LL ask what they WON'T....

1. Has the sales success of the Defender ADDED new customers to the brand or would the people purchasing them have bought another LR in the stable if the Defender wasn't here? In other words, is it keeping them afloat OR bringing in fresh faces and bringing total unit growth?

2. And this is the MOST important question of the two...Has ANYONE who bought one NOT had issues ALREADY with theirs. I've surveyed about 30 owners myself and sadly, there isn't even one who has said life with theirs has been totally trouble free. Even my neighbor's wife got stung with a vehicle that refused to start in her garage the next morning AFTER purchase! It had a WHOPPING 60 miles on the clicker. And it was SO dead, the flatbed co. had to put it on skates to get it OUT of the garage. Two days later the LR dealer found the problem and then when they replaced the starter cable the Defender turned on, but then wouldn't TURN OFF. NOT GOOD.

Seems like it's been more of an OFFENDER, than a DEFENDER.

So what are you hearing Spies? Chime in...

The New Land Rover Defender Is Selling Well. But We Have KEY Questions Than NO ONE In The Major Media Seems To Care About. Can YOU Guess What They Are?

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