Agent 001 is about to hit the road in the next few weeks from the LEFT coast heading slowly to a final summer destination up in the GREAT WHITE NORTH, IF they open the borders. Final destination is a place he's always wanted to visit and even though he lived in Canada for a number of years never got to see. And that gorgeous place is the Maritime Province of Nova Scotia.

Number one needs his three squares that all include fresh Lobster. It will also be NHL playoff time so he wants good access to HOCKEY BEER.

If the border doesn't open the backup is wrestling Black Bears with his bare hands in MAINE. He'll just have to drink shittier beer while he watches the playoffs.

And to make the trip even more memorable, he's going to buy a new ride for the long quest.

Give NUMBER ONE your BEST THREE picks for the ultimate cross-country road trip, multi-country vehicle for him, his two young agents and the official head of security at Auto Spies.

You've never seen the head of security? Well here is our 'ACE' protector...

So chime in Spies.

YOU make the call!

001 Needs A Killer Cross Country, ROAD TRIP Vehicle. Let Us Hear Your BEST THREE Picks For Agent NUMBER ONE.

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