As you know from the previous article tonight, I'm in-market for a nice cross country road trip vehicle.

So the last few days I've been out spying local dealers checking out inventory and pricing.

I know many hate going to dealerships, but I LOVE the 'THUNDERDOME' dynamic aptly named on the show Seinfeld.

It's such a hysterical game even though most of the civilized world, desires the Apple Store experience, yet these dealers HANG ON for dear life to the shell game tactics that haven't changed in decades.

During my mission, I stopped off at a Cadillac dealer to check out the Escalade, seeing I'm told they fixed the garbage busy suspension from the previouss generation products and it is quite good.

My favorite driving dynamics on a extra large SUV, goes to the Ford Expedition. I even like it better than the Navigator. The seats are more comfortable for me and in my tests it got way better mileage off the same motor.

But I'm open minded on EVERY purchase and in the end whoever has the best product, gets my $$$.

The Caddy dealer only had one 21 Escalade on the lot and the sales person told me I couldn't test drive it unless I was buying it.

And being totally honest, I was truly open to buying it.


I'm like $10k OVER for a CADILLAC? Well, the Telluride's are 10k over here so why not try to get some dummy to pay that?

Then I walked around to the other side of it and saw the factory window sticker, which said the MSRP was $89,995.00, NOT $100,560 like on the addendum sheet.

So in the end, they want $20+K OVER for a GLORIFIED CHEVROLET. Sorry, had to say it. My Dad always called them that.

Kidding aside, new new Slade is nice with all the new tech but C'mon man, $20+K OVER?

Now that's just a STUPID TAX!

Let us know if you're seeing this insanity in your area of the country or in Canada.

STUPID TAX ALERT! Can You Guess What STREET SELLING PRICE Is For An $89,995.00 2021 Cadillac Escalade In SoCal?

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