Everyone is used to reading about dealers selling rare, specialty vehicles with big markups and people paying STUPID money over sticker to get these vehicles.

Yes, they want the rides but for the most part with those it's all about speculation, flipping and future appreciation of collector stuff.

But we're seeing a trend take place as we speak, MOSTLY due to unnecessary shutdowns of the USA economy which in turn has limited production/shortages of many of the key components that are going into our favorite vehicles.

And as inventory gets tighter, the prices are going up, up, up and more and more MAINSTREAM stuff (like Toyota RAV4's, Palisades, Jeeps, etc.) being sold with big dealer markups. Or them telling people the big lie, we're selling the car for MSRP but all our cars have dealer accessories that CANNOT be removed (yeah, riiighhht...) that add 3-5k of PURE, profit.

You all know I'm in market for a road trip vehicle and in my travels and internet shopping around the country, I'm seeing it more and more. I did an article the other night about the huge premium on the new Escalade.

So tell us Spies, are YOU seeing normal, everyday rides with over MSRP selling prices?

And what is your feeling on the current car sale environment?


Are We Entering A New Era Of Dealer Markups On Even EVERY DAY Cars, SUV's And Trucks?

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