Admit it. Auto Spies are one of the few places you can go where we will discuss the REAL issues facing car lovers around the world.

And we delve in and hit the hard subjects that FEW are willing to even ATTEMPT!

So here is a subject that effects us all.

Now don't you go pretending that you're ABOVE what we're about to say, because there are probably three people on earth that have the power to resist this.

What are we talking about?


Tell us WHO has the power NOT to click when you see one come up as you peruse the net?

WE want to meet them!

Because honestly, it's impossible.

So let's get to the bottom of this shall we?

WHY, are humans SO fascinated with crash videos?

And before you go all off on us, we're NOT referring to the kind that are deadly. Just the odd and silly ones.

What say YOU Spies?

What IS It About CRASH VIDEOS That Is SO Irresistible To Us MERE MORTALS?

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