Before Clarissa Rankin goes out on a job, a few things need to be in order. First up, a morning meditation.?
"Dealing in transportation, you have to be calm to be a great driver," she says.

Then she heads to the yard to hitch up Sparkle, her 2019 Freightliner Cascadia. Sparkle's a big girl: With a full load, the truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds.?

In the back of the spacious cab, Rankin has set up what she calls her "mommy getaway apartment:" a twin bed, a stash of food, some decor, cleaning supplies, and a few wig stands. She occasionally likes to switch up her style on long hauls — maybe long and wavy one day, and bright green or deep, curly red the next.

A growing number of women are entering the world of trucking at a time when demand for drivers is at a critical high. Many of them, like Rankin, are using their influence to educate other women and lay the groundwork for change in a crucial and often misunderstood industry.
They're also sharing an important message: Trucking is for everyone.

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