Yesterday’s news that Sebring Orange and Zeus Bronze were no longer available surely caused a ripple among those who still wanted those colors for their 2021 Corvettes. Chevy has put both exteriors on national constraint with no more opportunities for those customers who are still waiting to have their 2021 Corvette order to be completed.

That news got us digging around to see if there were any previews or hints of the new colors for 2021 and sure enough, we struck gold! The Automotive Touch Up Paint website tends to have these digital versions of automotive paint swatches earlier than any other place. That site currently has only GMC exterior color swatches for the 2022 model year, but we found samples of all three colors with the previously leaked RPO codes.

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New Paint Colors Coming For 2022 Corvette. Some Getting NIXED. Which Would YOU Choose And Which Are YOUR Favorites?

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