Just like the sedan, power will be sent to the rear, but all-wheel-drive will be optional.

Among the obvious differences will be the roofline, which is expected to feature a big sun-roof (if you opt for it). More headroom and cargo space are to be expected from the Shooting Brake. Other than that, we are expecting the “Athletic Elegance” design to, once again, shine with its distinctive diamond-grille and the split headlight and taillight design, mimicked by split vents on the front fenders. At least, that’s what the photos suggest, after a (very) thorough examination.

Guess who?

GENESIS! YES, they will be bringing a G70 SHOOTING BRAKE to market.

If there was EVER a brand where a product made less sense in the lineup, this would have to be it.


More pics and info at the link.

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SPY PHOTOS! You'll NEVER Believe Who Is Going To Bring A SHOOTING BRAKE To Market. WHY THO?

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