A new Toyota Tundra is coming. We've caught glimpses of camouflaged prototypes from time to time, and we've even seen leaked shots revealing the headlights of the full-size truck. We expected Toyota to reveal its next-gen Tundra this year, and now that moment could be nigh thanks to an official teaser that just dropped today.

It's the first such teaser we've had on the Tundra, and as the image above shows, Toyota is definitely pushing it as a mean machine. The three orange lights in the grille are straight from the Ford F-150 Raptor's playbook, and there's enough auxiliary lighting to illuminate a tick crossing a trail at midnight. The lights do appear to match up with the aforementioned leaked images, so it seems they were indeed legit. Renderings depict how the truck might look when revealed, and while it's recognizable as a Tundra, it's certainly an interesting look.

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Toyota Takes A Page From The Raptor Playbook With Next Gen Tundra

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