Teslas are known for being sleek, futuristic tanks that can protect their occupants in the event of a crash. But in a recent incident in China involving a Tesla Model 3 and a luxury SUV, the all-electric sedan did not only prove durable enough to protect its driver; it also proved so tough that the gas-powered SUV that struck it ended up in flames after the collision. 

A video of the incident was shared online by the ACM Union Media Group, which noted that the gas-powered SUV in question was a Hongqi HS5. Based on social media posts about the incident, the Hongqi HS5 ended up T-boning the Tesla Model 3, hitting the all-electric sedan at the rear passenger side. This caused the Model 3 to be pushed off the road.

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WATCH: Tesla Model 3 Gets T-Boned In China By A Conventional SUV - Guess Which One Catches Fire?

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