Pregnant woman suing Arkansas police after cop performs PIT maneuver and flips her car says her baby is 'safe' - and she's still being charged with speeding

Nicole Harper, 38, who was clocked by an Arkansas trooper said that she was not speeding and that the charges against her do not make sense

'I don't understand how they're charging me with fleeing when I was not fleeing, that does not make any sense to me.' she told CNN host Chris Cuomo

Harper told Cuomo the simple reason she did not pull onto the nearest shoulder was because there was not enough room

Cuomo inquired if maybe Harper did not stop because she might have thought the police were going to hurt her, a thought she said never crossed her mind

Senior Cpl. Rodney Dunn attempted to pull her over and rammed Harper's bumper in a Pursuit Intervention Technique (PIT)

In her lawsuit Harper alleges that Dunn 'negligently performed' the maneuver

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WHO Do YOU Think Is At Fault Here? The COPS? Or The LADY?

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