Ford has been puffing out that their new Lightning EV pickup has 100k deposits. Ok, let's take it with a grain of salt. Not all of those will actually follow through and become sold orders.

And the same will happen with the 1M deposits on Elon's baby, the Tesla CyberTruck.

But here's the funny thing we want to hear your answers on....

Last week we reported on some random site claiming more people prefer the Lightning design to Cybertruck.

Well if that IS TRUE (we don't believe it is for the record) then WHY are there 1 MILLION deposits for the Tesla product and only 100k for the Ford?

Give us your take and tell us who in the end will WIN this derby, Ford or Tesla. And tell us by how much.

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The Deposit IS ONLY $100. So If Surveys Are Right That People Prefer The Ford Lightning Over The Cybertruck, Then WHY Does It ONLY HAVE 100k Deposits Vs. 1m For Elon’s CyberChild?

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