This weekend’s Hypercar Invitational at Laguna Seca was, for the most part, an opportunity for professional racecar driver Randy Pobst and Tesla tuning house Unplugged Performance to test out how their race-spec Model S Plaid performs on the track. The Model S Plaid did not disappoint, and it did not shy away from baring its fangs either. Over the course of the weekend, the modified four-door family sedan overtook some of the world’s most iconic hypercars around one of the world’s most iconic race tracks. 

Unplugged Performance is no stranger to Teslas, having been a dedicated tuning house since the days of the Model S P85+. Pobst is no neophyte with Teslas either, finishing Pikes Peak’s Exhibition Class last year in second place in a Model 3 Performance that was rebuilt within days of a major crash. For both Unplugged and Pobst, however, the Model S Plaid, which would be used for this year’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb, proved to be a very pleasant surprise.

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WATCH: Stock Powered Tesla Model S Plaid Cuts It's Teeth At Laguna Seca By Overtaking Hypercars

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