The BMW Z8 was an instant classic when it was released with tremendous fanfare in the year 2000. A sleek V8 convertible styled after the classic BMW 507, it was a huge hit and values have never really gone south. Around a tenth of the 5,703 Z8s ever built got an extra boost in value, though, as 555 of the cars were sent to German tuner Alpina.

Today, the Alpina-modified cars are seen as the most premier, exclusive versions and prices reflect that. One with just 32 miles on the odometer is currently for sale on Bring a Trailer and although there are still nine days left to place a bid, the price is already at $225,000 as of publishing.

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2000 Alpina BMW Z8 With Only 32 Miles Is Currently Listing For Over $225,000 And The Bidding Hasn't Stopped Yet

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