Let's be honest here: If you really live your life off the beaten track, you don't drive something as thirsty as a Hummer H1 or as whimsical as a Jeep. You drive a Toyota Land Cruiser because you know it'll hold up longer than you will, if not as long as there is a sun to shine. But Toyota wants the human driver to no longer be a fallible piece of the equation, which is why it emphasized off-road comfort in the 2022 Land Cruiser J300-series by borrowing tricks from what it considers the best off-road driver so far: the J80-series Land Cruiser. This is but one of the cool nuggets of information in a Land Cruiser development story video Toyota recently posted to YouTube.


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WATCH: Toyota Actually Benchmarked The 2022 Land Cruiser Against A 30 Year Old Model

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