Usually, when I get a press car for the week, I look forward to getting back into my daily driver. I normally slide into the seat of my VW Sportwagen and think “oh yeah, that’s the stuff,” but when I gave back the 2022 Honda Civic, there wasn’t that warm fuzzy feeling — I felt a pang of longing. I legitimately missed the Civic’s hip interior, clean dash and useful passive and active safety systems. It was a sudden, heavy feeling that the current generation Civic just would not inspire.

Beause let’s face it: The old Civic screamed last-decade design. Which was fine for the 20-teens! The eighth-generation Civic remade the Civic into something bland and vaguely Prius-shaped. That semi-wedge would continue to define the profile of Civics to come. By the ninth and tenth generations, the Civic looked bloated, clunky and outdated. It almost seemed like Honda was chasing a CUV look without totally committing to a new model like Toyota recently did with the Corolla Cross.

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11th Generation Honda Civic Tries To Appeal To The Youthful Market That Crossovers Fail To

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