The Porsche Taycan Rear Wheel Drive ($115,680 USD as specced, UNAVAILABLE in Canada) is the newest EV in the Porsche lineup. This example has been optioned with the longer-range Performance Battery Plus, which extends its range from 431 to 484 kilometres. Thomas and James take it out for a quick review to see what it is all about.

What separates Active Driving Assist from plain old adaptive cruise control is a more sophisticated sensor suite that involves cameras that inform the various other ADAS systems, as well as three forward-looking and two-rear-facing radar units. The system also uses a predictive algorithm to infer the intended direction of travel and to keep the vehicle centered in the lane. But in 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L models equipped with the feature, you'll have to keep a hand on the wheel.

Also, what about that color? Is it called 'PIMP PINK'?!

IS SLUMMING IT In The BASE Porsche Taycan WORTH IT? OR, IS It Like Kissing Your SISTER?

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