A dirt bike is, by definition, better suited off-road rather than city streets. If where you live allows for them to be street-legalized, then more power to you, just be safe. However, if you choose to start doing tricks in the middle of the road, you could end up like this man in Boston.


The video starts with the man doing a wheelie down the street with one foot on the seat and the other in the air, which is already off to a bad start. Predictably, that stance didn’t work out for him, as moments later he slips down the side of the bike. He manages to hang on to the handlebars with his legs dragging on the ground, but instead of slamming on the brakes, he seems to just ride it out, or at most brake lightly.


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WATCH: Not So Skilled Dirt Biker Does Wheelies In The Street And Then THIS Happens

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