A Tesla owner is claiming that her 10-month-old infant purchased the company’s Full Self-Driving suite on accident, and she didn’t realize until she checked her monthly bank statement. The woman claims that the child got ahold of her phone and purchased the semi-autonomous driving suite by accessing the Tesla Smartphone application. The purchase is non-refundable after 48 hours, which has already elapsed.

The woman posted her story on the social media outlet TikTok, with the on-screen text stating, “When your 10-month-old purchases the full self-driving package through the Tesla app.” It then says, “And you didn’t know until you checked the bank statement and you find out that this is NON-refundable 48 hours after purchase.”

The woman then provided a screenshot of the receipt on the Tesla application, with concerns as to why there are not extra measures to prevent accidents like this from happening.

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Owner Criticizes Telsa Over Security After Her Toddler Buys The $10,000 Full Self-Driving Suite On Her Phone

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