At least on the surface, everything with Bugatti seems to be close to perfect. The French hypercar automaker is constantly releasing new variants based on the Chiron, and one would assume the cash flow is pretty strong. We know just a little about what’s going on behind the curtains, though, and from the outside, it almost looks as if parent company Volkswagen Group is desperately looking for ways to get rid of Bugatti.

A few years ago, we heard rumors about VAG potentially selling Bugatti to another company for the first time. Volkswagen’s decision to ax a potential second nameplate in the French brand’s lineup was a clear indication that the Germans are not going to pour millions into the hypercar maker. Then, in September last year, there were new reports that VW is considering a sale of Bugatti to another automaker.

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Volkswagen Still Pondering Sale Of Bugatti Inspite Of Strong Sales

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