Unlike most automakers, there are certain details Tesla no longer officially reveals, such as battery pack size, some future plans, details about motors and efficiency, etc. People covering Tesla have to use the EPA's site, as well as other sources, data, figures, and simulations to come up with estimates about certain specific details and specs related to the brand's cars. 

With that said, as MotorTrend has been working closely with Tesla related to the new Model S Plaid, and it seems to be getting some juicy morsels of information from company sources. According to Electrek, someone at Tesla shared that the new Model S has a 100kWh battery pack, which, if true, is smaller than the pack in the outgoing 2020 Model S. MotorTrend also just reported that a Tesla company source revealed details about a potential quad-motor car.

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The Ultimate Performance Sedan? Tesla Hints Of A Future Quad Motor Model S Plaid

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