Michael Wasserman claims Long Beach authorities are trying to "silence" him simply for being a Trump supporter.

The 62-year-old businessman is well-known for plastering pro-Trump flags and stickers on his home and two cars.

Now, the hardcore conservative has filed a $25million federal suit against the City of Long Beach, the chief of police, the city manager and a raft of police officers after officials ordered him to remove the paraphernalia on his cars.

"I believe the city is trying to silence me because I’m pro-Trump”.

I don't know about you Spies but I don't give a damn what bumper stickers or flags you put on your car whether I like what they say or not. This is so dumb.

Hope he wins the $25m and shuts these losers up. What say you?

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Long Beach NY Police ORDER Man To REMOVE Trump Stickers And Flags From His Cars! He's SUING For $25M CLAMS!

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