I have a friend in the biz that whenever the Tesla brand comes up he loves to chime in about fit and finish, reliability, etc.. You know the conversation..."They make no money, it's not a real business, as soon as the normal car companies have products, it's over for Musk."

And every time we have the conversation, I respond I have YET to meet an average Tesla customer in the hot markets that doesn't LOVE their Tesla purchase.

So I thought this unslick, average person first review would be a good learning experience for all the people who listen to the 'experts' who like to hate on Elon and his products.

Take a view and let us know your opinion of her review and thoughts of the Model S Plaid. If you watch it close, you see in their minds their not CUSTOMERS, they're shape-shifters who think they're part of a cause moving the world towards a utopian ending.

VIDEO REVIEW: Tesla Model S Plaid. FORGET THE HATERS, What Do The AVERAGE Buyers Of It Think?

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