Some things in the car business mystify me.

Like when a company like Kia makes a move like this.

We all know how wildly successful the Telluride has been for them. Even THEY couldn't foretell how ga ga people would go over it.

So the NEXT obvious move would be, make a BABY Telluride like Porsche did with Cayenne/Macan and have a DOUBLE massive hit.

But did they do that? No.

Rather than the OBVIOUS move which would have been making a smaller vehicle that was the same sausage, just a different size link.

But NO, some genius in the design group said, "Hey, let's make the face of the Sorento look like an Optima SEDAN".

You see the two below, side by side (yes, that's mine on the right) and you can see immediately, they don't look like brotha's from the same motha.

Whereas the Telluride looks bad boy, strong and TRUCK-LIKE, the Sorento looks like an ENCORE.

Now we're not saying the Sorento won't sell or be a success for them, it just won't be off the charts, selling for 10k over sticker a year down the road like the big brotha.

What are your thoughts? Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with our take on the situation?

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! WHY, Did Kia Make The 2021 Sorento Face Resemble An OPTIMA Vs. A TELLURIDE?

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