The California Independent System Operator (ISO), which oversees the grid, called upon Californians to conserve energy twice last week through the use of Flex Alerts, which ask residents to practice energy conservation on a voluntary basis. Charging electric vehicles before the time period covered by the alerts was included on a list of energy conservation tips the California ISO posted on Twitter

"Charging behaviors matter when it comes to California grid goals," Monahan said.

She said that energy prices will also be key to helping those new charging behaviors stick. (read between the lines here…we’re gonna stick it up your AS_ with high gas prices to FORCE you to buy electric).

"By incentivizing, primarily through rates, charging behaviors that capitalize on when renewable energy is being generated—we basically have a win for the grid, and we have a win for the drivers in terms of reduced rates," Monahan said. "Rates are a climate strategy, and California plans on using rates to help drive the charging behaviors that are going to help the state electrify transportation while cutting carbon from the grid and saving ratepayers and drivers money."

“SAVING ratepayers and drivers MONEY.” Yeah, riiiighhhttt.

Who on earth BELIEVES electric cars will SAVE people money? And how will they make up the LOSS in tax dollars from oil? CHARGE PEOPLE MORE MONEY AND RAISE TAXES!


Check out the comments on the tweet...some are PRICELESS!

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ONLY THE BEGINNING? Californians Called To Conserve Energy Twice Last Week And Asked NOT To Charge Their Cars During The Soon To Be COMMON FLEX ALERT.

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