After a long hiatus, the six-cylinder Ferrari has returned, but don't call it a Dino. Instead, the new sports car from Maranello gets its name from the engine's displacement (2.9 liters) and the number of cylinders (six), plus the GTB suffix representing Gran Turismo Berlinetta. It's actually a 3.0-liter unit (2992 cc) engine and is installed in the very first Ferrari road car to carry the fabled Prancing Horse since its spiritual predecessor had Dino badging.

A new Ferrari with two fewer cylinders than the F8 Tributo might sound like a downgrade, but that's hardly the case once you factor in the plug-in hybrid system. But first, let's talk about the combustion engine, which is an all-new development and unrelated to Maserati's Nettuno inside the MC20.

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Ferrari Debuts 296 GTB Plug-In Hybrid V6 With 818 HP

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