The Westport Police Department in Connecticut has released a new financial analysis that is showing massive savings, as anticipated, after the purchase of a Tesla Model 3 that would be used as a police cruiser. The Police Department reports that it has already helped recoup the purchase price premium and helped save money for the department in its first full year of operation.

After purchasing a Tesla Model 3 in December 2019 and putting it to work in February 2020, Westport PD spokespeople said that the all-electric sedan has already exceeded expectations for performance, cost savings, and environmental benefits. After sparring with the idea of purchasing another Ford Explorer for the police fleet, cost-effectiveness became the big question. There is a $15,300 difference between the Model 3 and the Explorer, but Westport’s PD has no regrets about its decision.

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Connecticut Police Department Gambles On Model 3 Patrol Car And Sees MASSIVE Savings

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