Every time the Summer Olympics roll around, you’ll hear plenty of motorsport fans wondering why auto racing isn’t included in the Games. After all, plenty of us have spent time arguing that drivers are athletes, too, so it only seems fair to include it as part of the Games’ larger competition, right? Well, back in 1900, that actually happened.

Yes — believe it or not, racing actually took place at the 1900 Summer Olympics... but there’s a catch. Fourteen races were held in conjunction with the 1900 World’s Fair, which has resulted in these races taking on a more unofficial status. The International Olympic Committee never decided which events were considered to be of Olympic status, but because motor racing never returned to the Olympic Games, historians have assumed the races were of a more exhibitionary capacity than they were legitimate events.

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The Olympics Had Car Competiton Events At One Time - Is It Time For A Come Back?

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