Tesla’s ongoing saga with India’s government officials regarding the potential entrance of the electric car manufacturer into the country is drawing remarks from all sectors. This morning, it was reported that India-based auto suppliers and car part makers want Tesla’s entrance to benefit local suppliers. The only way that can be possible is if Tesla sets up a manufacturing unit in India, which the company is unable to commit to currently.

In July, CEO Elon Musk indicated that Tesla’s potential in India must be measured through importing vehicles before committing to building a massive production facility in the country. The issue with this strategy is that importing cars into India is an expensive process and requires the customer to pay hefty import duties that, in some cases, double the cost of the vehicle. Cars less than $40,000 are subjected to a 60% import tax, while anything more expensive gets a full 100% duty applied. This limits Tesla’s ability to import vehicles into the market because few are willing to pay these expensive fees.

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India Tells Tesla That Any Proposed Gigafactory Must Use Local Suppliers

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