While some are reporting that moving to a Tesla Model 3 from a gas car has brought them savings, particularly on maintenance, it seems not everybody is on board. Car and Driver (C&D) has been running a long term Model 3 for over 30,000 miles now and its most recent update, the publication specifically points out "actual savings in service costs is turning out to be quite minimal."

In fact, they say the savings they observed were only slightly better than two other ICE vehicles that they were running in parallel. They mention that you don’t have to change oil in an EV, but the Model 3 still needs its brake calipers lubricated (because in theory they see less use than in an ICE vehicle because an EV relies a lot more on regen), an operation which has now been done on their tester a total of three times and is one of the things that has brought the cost to $432.

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Car And Driver Expresses Concern Over Tesla Maintenenace Costs

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