Like a ROCK. Built Ford TOUGH. PINNACLE of reliability. All lines that have been HAMMERED into our psyches over the years.

And it seemed to me that the focus on how long a vehicle will last became truly front and center in the 1980's.

But so much has changed since then. The way we live, the car buying process, what people really want from their vehicles and on an on.

You still hear those touch points in ads but is THAT component of car buying STILL as important today as it was say 10 years ago?

Who do YOU know that is holding their rides and driving them to their deaths?

I don't know even ONE in 2021.

So YES, reliability still matters in say the 4 year period most people will own the car but does anyone really care that it will last 25 years?


Does LONG TERM Reliability Even Come Into The Mix Anymore In The Car Buying Process, In 2021?

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