If the Rivian R1T is the future of the pickup truck—and we certainly think it is—then the future cannot come quickly enough. —Aaron Gold

2022 Rivian R1T: This Changes Everything

Here we go again...

First question. How big as the ad deal they cut with Motor Trend BEFORE this review was written?

Next question. Did the Volt reviewer or Aaron DISCLAIM in the review they were STAUNCH leftists who DESIRE to see the conventional car companies fail and that they all become EV producers and end ICE vehicles?

In all fairness to Gold, he's a good guy with an EXTREMELY skewed perspective based on his politics.

But lets go back and read some of the GEMS Motor Trend published about the car we called the Modern Day Edsel, the Chevy Volt.

We suggest reading these excerpts out loud to get the FULL effect:

"I expected a science fair experiment. But this is a moonshot.

Chris Theodore is a wily veteran of the auto business, a seasoned development engineer whose impressive resume includes vehicles as thoughtfully executed as the Chrysler minivan and as tightly focused as the Ford GT.

As one of the consultant judges on this year's COTY panel, Chris brought the deep insight and professional skepticism you'd expect of someone who's spent his entire working life making cars. But our 2011 Car of the Year, Chevrolet's ground-breaking Volt, has blown him away.

"This is a fully developed vehicle with seamlessly integrated systems and software, a real car that provides a unique driving experience. And commuters may never need to buy gas!"

In the 61-year history of the Car of the Year award, there have been few contenders as hyped -- or as controversial -- as the Chevrolet Volt.

“Moonshot. Game-changer. A car of the future that you can drive today, and every day.”


This wasn't a review it was their personal pipe dream and a BLATANT homer for their Michigan cronies.

So based on the history of their predictions and opinions why should we believe that the Rivian with that dopey, cartoon face will fare any better long term?

Sure, there will be buyers at first like with the Gladiator for example. But we predict it will be a hockey stick curve and then they will cut gov't deals to make unit sales and make themselves look good like Chevy did with the Volt.

So Spies, will they be RIGHT or TOTALLY WRONG AGAIN?

And should the writers disclaim their political leanings in reviews so you can understand their perspective on a vehicle better?


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