No double takes here: That's not an actual BMW Z8, that's an Oletha, produced by @smitve Engineering.

Smit Vehicle Engineering has re-developed the ultra-rare and highly collectible BMW Z8 into the Oletha, which incorporates a mixed modifications set through new-aged carbon fiber fusion and an engine transplant.

For starters, its carbon fiber composite body lightens the car to approx. 3,090 lbs., a savings of around 400 lbs. from the standard Z8.

Elsewhere in weight, its engine has been swapped from the Z8's E39 M5-sourced S62 with the S65B44, extracted from the E92 M3 GTS. Its higher redline and hardcore engine tune helps contribute to the Oletha's improvements over the standard Z8.

What's your take Spies? STUD or DUD?

BMW Z8 FANS! Look FAMILIAR? IT'A NOT What You Think It Is! Take A Look To Find Out!

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