The Claim: Biden, praising the work of UAW members: “The main ‘Big Three’ (automakers) have decided along with the support of those unions on building, going electric, so we own that market.”

The facts: Not exactly. While UAW has expressed general support for more EV sales, it has repeatedly declined to back goals urged by Biden as part of his ambitious plan to combat climate change, including the 40% to 50% target agreed to by the largest automakers.

The United Auto Workers union, in fact, has voiced concerns about being too hasty with an EV transition because of the potential impact on industry jobs. Since electric vehicles generally have 30% to 40% fewer parts and are simpler to build, fewer workers will be needed to assemble them. That will likely mean a reshuffling of jobs, as workers who once made engines, transmissions and other components for gas-powered cars have to switch to electric motors and batteries.

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ANOTHER Pinnochio For Biden. UAW Not The Fan Of EV's Joe Claims They Are.

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