Are the Democrats doing this ON PURPOSE to punish Musk and Tesla? And FORCE him to UNIONIZE?

Possible U.S. EV Rebate Details:
1. Starts after December 31, 2021
2. MSRP can’t exceed $55k for sedans, $64k for vans, $69k for SUVs, and $74k for pickup trucks.
3. Must have battery no less than 40kWh until Jan 1, 2027 and 50kWh after.
4. Rebate phases out after $400k individual gross income or $800k joint.
5. Point-of-sale rebate.  
6. Lasts until Dec 31, 2031.
7. Appears to voted on in Ways and Means Committee next week.
8. Part of $3.5T reconciliation bill that hasn’t been finalized or voted on yet.
9. $7500 rebate for EVs
10. $4500 if final assembly done at facility in U.S. which operates under a union-negotiated collective bargaining agreement
11. $500 additional credit if 50% or more parts made in U.S. and battery cells made in U.S.

Are The Democrats Getting Ready To STICK IT TO ELON By DENYING The $4500 EV Rebate Because Tesla ISN'T UNIONIZED?

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