You can't avoid it. Everywhere in mainstream media and the socials there is an enemy to humanity unlike ANY other in history.


Not the nazi's, the taliban, ms-13, the UNVACCINATED.

And the level of HATE is getting to a point where people are lashing out on those who haven't gotten the JAB.

Before you jump on me, I'm not an anti-vaxer, only an observant commentator of current culture.

But there is ANOTHER enemy bubbling up you may NOT have noticed. And the hate for THEM is growing exponentially.

As car lovers you SHOULD know the answer. And you should realize if the unvaccinated don't end humanity forever, THESE people WILL!

Who are they you say?

Those awful, inhuman, drivers of CONVENTIONAL GAS powered vehicles. You know, the ones who STILL REFUSE to buy an EV and who are as the tweeter below says, the BAD ACTORS!

We're ALL gonna die because of them! Oh wait, I don't own an EV and drive a gas powered SUV. OH THE HUMANITY!

What are your feelings Spies on this subject?

The Radical Left Has Put A Social Bounty On The Unvaccinated. Will The UN-EV Drivers (Gas Engine Cars) Be NEXT?

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