For those who don't know their auto history here's a little brush up.

BEFORE Lexus even EXISTED, Acura had long established their premium brand and had a few really nice products like the Acura Legend Coupe. Or as I always liked to call it in the 90's, the poor mans BMW 6-series coupe.

They even ALMOST copied the hofmeister kink (look it up) EXACTLY.

But give them credit, it was a very good looking car in its time and unlike the BMW 6 coupe, it actually worked reliably.

But since Acura'a glory days, if we were grading the company it would earn a 'C-' at BEST.

We could go on for days and maybe you want to chime in on the comments of why they blew it so bad.

But back to the task at hand, the 2021 TLX Type S.

From the detailed reviews we've read it's typical Acura. Nice ride, but AGAIN, missing that secret sauce. Doesn't help no one wants sedans in the USA anymore either.

But here are the only legit questions you need to ask if you are considering it.

1. WHY, would I spend 11-20k MORE for it than the new Accord which is absolutely GREAT.

2. How can an Accord with 20 more hp. than the Accord Sport cost almost $50k?

3. Do I want to buy a car with an interior interface and screen quality of a 1980's Panasonic Technics stereo? It's SO uninspired and the SAME tired design they've been using for years.

IF you have any others to add to the list post them in our comments..

I'll give one positive reason to start...It's a Alfa Giulia that works. You can see the queues...

REVIEW: 2021 Acura TLX Type S. Can You Give Us Even ONE Reason WHY It's Worth It's HUGE Price Premium Over The Honda Accord?

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