More often than not, the grueling road from karting to Formula One goes unrewarded. Vastly disparate cars mean most drivers never get the chance to truly strut their stuff, never mind compete for the championship. Instead of aiming for F1, then, says multi-time podium finisher Romain Grosjean, kids aiming to race should instead look to F1's more equitable cousin, IndyCar.

"I had an incredible career. Yes, the last few years were a bit tough and frustrating. I knew I knew how to drive but I couldn't show anything," Grosjean said after a hard-fought podium finish at Laguna Seca, as transcribed by Speedcafe. "Coming somewhere where you can fight at the front, [where] you have an engineer telling you, 'you are the fastest car on track, you're P1,' fighting for podiums, it's definitely a revival."

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Ex F1 Driver Romain Grosjean Says Kids Should Dream Of Indy Car Racing NOT Formula 1

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