Despite the head of the National Transportation Safety Board expressing serious concerns about its safety last week, Tesla has now enabled access to the beta of its “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) program to more Tesla drivers, via a “request” button on Teslas’ dashboard screens. However, before a driver gets access to the software, Tesla will determine their “safety score,” using five criteria that estimate “the likelihood that your driving could result in a future collision,” according to a page on Tesla’s website.

The score is tabulated using data collected by sensors on the driver’s Tesla, and considers instances of forward collision warnings per 1,000 miles, hard braking, aggressive turning, unsafe following, and forced Autopilot disengagement. A Tesla’s Autopilot feature disengages after giving three visual and audio warnings, “when your Tesla vehicle has determined that you have removed your hands from the steering wheel and have become inattentive,” according to the safety score guide.

So, we get why they are giving it to their best drivers but we read a funny, but kinda true comment saying "Shouldn't they be giving it to their WORST drivers?"

Food for thought. What's YOUR call?

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Tesla Opens FULL Self-Driving To Its BEST DRIVERS. But We ASK, Shouldn't It Be Given To Their WORST Drivers First? There Sure Are PLENTY Of Them

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