Volkswagen Group of America CEO Scott Keogh took the automaker’s fight against a proposed $4,500 additional federal incentive for union-made battery electric vehicles to the SiriusXM airwaves during an interview Wednesday, calling it “fundamentally wrong” and “putting the resources in the wrong place.”

Speaking on Doron Levin’s “In the Driver’s Seat” on SirusXM’s Business Radio channel (Channel 132), Keogh said VW, Toyota, Nissan and other foreign automakers with plants in the U.S. shouldn’t be disadvantaged because their plants are nonunion. The $4,500 federal credit has been proposed by Michigan lawmakers for inclusion in the federal budget reconciliation bill, or Build Back Better Act, now being negotiated by Democrats in Congress.

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VW Group USA CEO Says Biden's $4500 Incentive For Only Union Built EVs Is Fundamentally Wrong

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