Acura is a relatively young brand as carmakers go. Introduced back in 1986 as a North American-only upmarket Honda, the company has had some high highs and some low lows in the last 35 years. It seemed like the company was lost in the doldrums for the last decade or so, but has gradually been rebuilding its performance branding with quality contenders like the NSX and the TLX Type-S. And it has spent some time growing its influence in large international markets, like China.

That’s why I think it would make sense for Acura to take over the branding of Red Bull and Alpha Tauri engines next year when Honda departs. This weekend at the United States Grand Prix from Circuit of the Americas, Acura branding will adorn the wings, helmets, and driver suits of the Honda-powered Red Bull and Alpha Tauri cars. This is a really cool move from the brand, and it got me thinking about what could be. Or maybe what should be.

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Acura Takes Over Formula 1 Branding From Honda

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