You hear all the time that the reason an EV from Audi, GM or whomever doesn't perform well is always hardware related. The range isn't good enough, it's got the wrong connector, etc., etc., etc.

SURE, those things MATTER, but is the biggest obstacle to success the lack of EV knowledge at the sales and dealer level?

This article thinks so...

"A big obstacle, dealers have been saying for a while now, is that their salespeople simply aren’t equipped to sell EVs, because after years and years of selling ICE cars, old habits die hard. Or something. It’s never been explained to me why dealers have such a hard time selling EVs, given that Tesla, a company that doesn’t even have traditional dealers, has no trouble selling EVs."

Dealers desperately needed additional training to help them understand the very simplest things, such as how to identify what kind of charger a car needs and how to plug in, Savino says. They needed to understand how to monitor battery life during inclement conditions and how to navigate the technology inside the EV.

“Customers want to know things like, ‘How much is my electricity bill going to go up if I charge this thing at home?’” Savino says. “That is not something the manufacture like Ford is that good itself at [equipping dealers for] answering.”

What is YOUR opinion?

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Is The BIGGEST OBSTACLE To EV Success From NON-Tesla Companies A Salesforce And Dealership WITHOUT The Skills To SELL THEM.

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