Came across this owner review of the Audi RS6 Avant and I found the comments and opinion interesting.

It's been almost a year since I picked up my RS6 and I figured I've had enough time living with it to give it a proper review rather than a knee jerk reaction. I'm not a professional reviewer, performance driving enthusiast or anything of the sort, so this is just a regular dude's opinion on what it's like living with the car.

It's a little overrated. Outside of the hype factor that they happen to be exceedingly new and rare in the US, I think there are better options for the money. I guess if you're adamant on a performance wagon your only 2 choices are this or the E63, but if you're open to more styles of vehicles, I don't think the RS6 is particularly special. This is the perfect second car for someone who already has their dream enthusiast vehicle, but I think you're going to be left wanting if this is your only car.

Things I like

* It's practical. I don't think I've had an instance yet where something I need hasn't fit in the car. The practicality of a wagon is astounding.
* 4 Wheel steering is a revelation. It makes this car feel about 8 feet shorter than it really is.
* Adaptive ride height / air suspension. The car is comfortable. I could sit in it for 12 hours straight without complaint. On the flip side, it can stiffen in a flash, drop the height and hug a corner like you wouldn't believe a car that is 16 feet long is capable of.
* The digital dash / heads up display. Both of these are the best I've had in any car. The dash can display info exactly how you want it, and the heads up display actually shows you a good amount of information without being overwhelming.
* The Quattro system. I drive the car in the snow (with a dedicated set of snow tires) and I've never had traction issues. It has handled everything so far. It's only knock in snow is if the snow is too deep, you just don't get the ground clearance you get in an SUV / Truck.

* I think it looks great. Way better than the E63.

Things I don't like

* None of the above points are unique to the RS6.
* It's not exciting. Fast? Sure. But it delivers that speed in a way that couldn't be any less exciting if it tried. This is the biggest knock for me.
* The touchscreens. Trying to control your AC on the touchscreen sucks. Want to go from lo to hi on the temperature? Enjoy mashing the + button 20 times. Also, fingerprints. Everywhere.
* The infotainment system. Wireless apple car play just never works. It cuts out all the time and sometimes I feel like the system has a mind of it's own. My fiancée despises how complex it is too, and it's genuinely turned her off of wanting an Audi SUV.
* BRAKE DUST. If you want to keep your wheels clean, get the carbon ceramics. Yes they'll squeal, but the steels do too. I've never had a car with brake dust like this one. I've honestly considered trading it in just to get another RS6 with the ceramics. It's bad. Hopefully they come out with aftermarket replacement pads soon, but until then, enjoy the brown wheels.
* The "cooled" seats. I think I'm spoiled from owning domestic brand trucks here, but "cooled" is a generous term. The only thing I notice when the seats are set to cool is the fan noise. I don't actually think any cooling occurs though. This also goes for the AC system. If there is anywhere where European brands can learn from domestic brands, it's here.

Overall, it's a cool car, but I just find it a little overhyped. I don't regret the purchase, but at the same time my time spent on new/used car sites has increased greatly.

Is he right?

More photos of the car here

LONG TERM REVIEW: PURPLE DISDAIN? 1 Year Owner Of Audi RS6 Avant Calls It OVERRATED. Are They Right?

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