You may not be ready to admit it to yourself but we are slowly approaching the holiday season. It’s been a very turbulent year but it’s now time to find the best gifts for the ones that we love the most. There’s no better way to express your love to someone than a brand new all-electric truck delivered to their door right on Christmas day, right? If you’ve been thinking about this idea, today’s your lucky day.

Earlier this week, Neiman Marcus unveiled its collection of seven luxurious gifts during an event at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. Among the seven exclusive and rather expensive gifts, including a mountaintop ski adventure with champion skier Lindsey Vonn, there’s also a brand new and very special GMC Hummer electric vehicle. It’s a one-off Barett-Jackson example based on the Edition 1 series and created exclusively for Neiman Marcus.

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Ho Ho Ho: Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog Offering The GMC Hummer For Only $285,000

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