Shoppers at Britain's biggest shopping center were outraged after a Tesla ran out of battery on a car park entry ramp and blocked the cars behind it for three hours.

An enraged shopper, identified only as Henry took to Reddit to share pictures of the scene that happened on Wednesday, Nov.3, evening at London's Westfield Shopping Centre, reports MyLondon.

He said: "Perfect, a Tesla ran out of battery and stopped at the ramp of a 5 story car park at Westfield. It has been three hours and counting."

One of the pictures he shared showed a tailback of cars waiting around the sloped spiral exit ramp.
The next picture, though slightly motion-blurred, showed the black Tesla Model S pulled over to the side of the ramp. It can be clearly seen in the picture that there was still not enough room for the waiting vehicles to pass.

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OH THE HUMANITY! Tesla Owner Makes Others Wait THREE HOURS At CarPark After Battery Dies.

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