On Saturday Greene again went after her 13 colleagues who voted to pass Biden's bill, calling them 'China-First and America-Last.'

'Those 13 Republican traitors who voted to pass Biden’s Socialist Infrastructure bill agree with Globalist Joe that America must depend on China to drive EV’s,' she wrote. 'The unlucky 13 are China-First and America-Last.'

'13 Republicans voted with Pelosi to spend $7.5 billion to build EV charging stations all over America to force Americans to drive CCP battery driven cars,' Greene wrote.

'China dominates the EV battery market by over 80% & the US can’t even compete with less than 10% market share.'

Is she RIGHT? If not, tell us WHERE she is going wrong here with this assessment that only China wins with this...Don't just say you like or dislike her. Show an intelligent argument of why she is right or wrong?

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Firebrand Marjorie Greene Sides With SQUAD And Says Democrats Are Spending 7.5B On Charging Stations To HELP China Sell MORE EV Batteries. Is She RIGHT?

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