The executive responded that there wasn’t anything Ford could do to prevent its dealerships from adding markups to the EVs’ MSRP. Then the executive admitted that it would probably be better for this person to just pre-order a Tesla, where no such pricing games take place. So, naturally, Ford lost a customer. Simon Alvarez at Teslarati noted that this isn’t a unique story. With a quick glance through the comments on Reddit alone, other EV enthusiasts shared their own experiences.

Editor Update: To clarify this up front, we have not seen any original emails/communications from the person who shared this story to confirm its validity, and coming from an anonymous source, any claim should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. Also, the reddit post that triggered coverage has been removed.

So what's your call Spies. DID IT HAPPEN or was it FAKE NEWS?

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FAKE NEWS? Did A Ford Exec REALLY Tell A Mach-E Customer To Buy A Tesla? The BS Decoder Says 'NOT Likely'

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