Over the years, it has practically become a tradition for Tesla to engage in a massive “end-of-quarter push” that involves the company working double time in an effort to deliver as many vehicles to as many customers as possible. This, at least according to CEO Elon Musk, must change, as Tesla must come up with a way to reduce the size of its delivery wave in the final weeks of a quarter. By doing so, the company could save on costs, and employees would be saved from burnout. 

Musk’s statements about Tesla’s end-of-quarter vehicle delivery blitzes were shared in an email, a screenshot of which was recently shared on Twitter. As per the message, Musk noted that the current quarter is all about minimizing the cost of vehicle deliveries. Thus, it would make sense if the company could avoid spending heavily on expedite fees, overtime, and temporary contractors, just to have everyone burned out at the beginning of the next quarter. The final line of the email is quite notable, as Tesla’s end-of-quarter pushes have partly been done to meet the market’s quarterly expectations.

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Elon Musk Says Tesla Should End Quarterly Delivery Blitzes

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